Day Trading Basics | Anticipating What Might Happen Before It Does Day Trading Basics | Anticipating What Might Happen Before It Does | March 09, 2016. The key to success is consistency, not how many points you can make. Once you have achieved a disciplined emotional AND technical state of consistency it’s just a matter of adding contracts. Just like in Vegas, the longer you sit there, the more likely you’ll give it back. If you want to gamble, Vegas is the better option, at least you’ll get free dinner and drinks.

There is no such thing as an acceptable draw down period. Either you know how to trade EMini Futures or you don’t. If you don’t know how to trade, even elaborate money management skills will do no more than merely postpone the inevitable. You might possibly even induce self sabotage of your account into the array of acceptable solutions.

Stop sitting in front of your emini futures charts from market open to market close thinking you are putting in your screen time. Some self proclaimed trading guru started the rumor that 10,000 plus hours of screen time are required before you can see the light. Nothing is further from reality. If you are sitting there all day practicing repetitive clueless garbage, you are more or less chasing your tail and wasting your time. Learn Professional Day Trading entries and exits to gain consistency. Emini Futures Strategies and Setups using EMini Tutor’s “One On One” Approach