In Our Technical Trading There Are 3 Levels Of Study. Which Level Best Suits Your Needs At The Moment? Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree Or Your Masters Degree in trading? Check Out The Videos.

Below are great examples of our technical trading videos with 3 separate 3 levels of study and comprehension. Technical trading is comfortable if you are familiar
with whats happening on your charts. Being able to predict what will happen before it actually does is not difficult if you know what you’re looking at.

Technical Indicators Triggering The Trade | Sept. 23, 2015
In video #1 there is an example of what you will be on the look out for in our basic “One Run And Done” objective geared to produce consistency. Easy Peasy. You will master this before graduation in the Silver Associate’s Degree Package.

Is EMini Going Up Or Down – Dont Know Yet | Aug. 10, 2015
Video #2 below is a little more advanced and can be labeled as our “Daily Double” where we apply 2 different strategies for one high probability target area. You will understand this and will be able to practice these upon graduation with Gold Level Bachelors Degree.

Crude Oil Trading  | Taking The EMini CL Out For A Little Drive Sept. 17 2015

Video #3 is something that gets comfortable after the basic and intermediate levels are understood. This “Trifecta” is applying 3 different charts simultaneously. As you can see the results are worth the time spent getting proficient. This will be understood upon graduation with your Bachelor’s Degree, BUT will take MUCH practice. You will need to get comfortable with the charts individually before you will be able to put all 3 together as a team. Timing is everything here.


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