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  • Step #1 (Blue Box) Register below on the blue form to receive scheduled updates informing you of slots becoming available. You may choose specifics later.
  • Step #2 (Green Box) Whenever you are ready to get started,  fill out the appropriate information on the green form below to choose your specific options.
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Step #1 Register To Receive Your Tutoring Session Invitations
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Step #2 When You Are Ready To Get Started, Choose The Options Which Work Best For You.

Although it’s highly recommended to do the Platinum 24 sessions all at once rather than split practice into Silver and Gold packages, you may choose the options that best suit your budget. In the green box below decide whether you would like to attend the basic Silver (12 session – 6 week) curriculum, practice for a while then come back later to do the Gold (12 session – 6 week). Or take the Platinum (24 session – 3 month) whole program all at once to be able to trade any type of market right off the bat. Either way, it’s all good. There is a package to fit everyone’s needs. It you chose the Silver package  you still have the option to upgrade to the Platinum. All you are going to need is the difference in price of $1775.00 before your 10th Silver session. That’s an $800.00 savings. The Silver package must be completed before starting the Gold Package though. We will be meeting “One On One” with free Skype via headphones and I will be tutoring you on your PC via free Teamviewer. Sessions will be scheduled twice a week Monday through Thursday between 11am and 4pm central time. All packages consist of two 55 min. “one on one” meetings per week with Horst.




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