Setting Up NinjaTrader Free
Emini Charts, Indicators, Workspaces,  And Data Feed
Step by step instructions on getting ready to trade for the first time. Free data and charts to get you started. Once NinjaTrader charting platform is installed you can Download Workspaces Here then double click on the downloaded file to install.  Install workspaces only AFTER NinjaTrader platform is installed.

Introduction To Basic NinjaTrader Chart Navigation
Instructions for creating new NinjaTrader charts, as well as some very basic navigation tips for getting around charts and moving in them. Covering also some very basic set up parameters to help get you up and running in a few minutes.

NinjaTrader’s Market Analyzer
Know exactly what the balance is in your DOM in between trades. No more guessing what the amount was on your DOM before you took that last trade. This video will show you how to set it up in just a few minutes. Well worth your investment of time.


NinjaTrader Back Up, Market Replay And Cleaning The Data Cache
Introduction to basic “Market Replay” function on NinjaTrader,  where students can come to practice trading if they can’t be there for the live market. This feature allows students to do homework and practice anytime, anywhere.  Steps for backing up, as well as data purge on the data cache. Should your NinjaTrader data seem to be giving you corrupted data after market replay sessions, try this fix first before contacting  NinjaTrader or reinstalling the NinjaTrader software on your PC.

Uploading Historical Data To Your NinjaTrader Database
Follow  the instructions in the video to upload and install historical data from 3-10 to 12-15 contract expiration dates. Follow the link HERE to download the data. Make sure you don’t have your data connected or better yet exit NinjaTrader all together when doing this. No guarantees implied, please use at your own risk. (Back Up Your NinjaTrader 1st just in case)