Your Thoughts Are Responsible For How You Trade, And Where You Are In Your Life

Train Your BrainYou Trade What You Think.  Thought precedes matter materializing in the Universe! That’s a pretty profound statement and one you must keep in mind as you read on. Nothing from man has ever come about in this world without a “trained” thought preceding the result. Edison knew this —Einstein knew this and —you also can be sure Bill Gates knows it’s validity.

You MUST have the thought first before ANYTHING can or will materialize in your life. The only difference between you and them is the degree of **knowing** behind this truth and how to use it to your advantage. Now look at the statement again:

Thought precedes matter materializing in the Universe!

In other words, what you are experiencing now in your existence was created by thoughts you’ve already had. In order for your existence to improve, you must “train your brain” to consistently produce thoughts which will alter or affect your daily life.

Before you can change your life, you need to understand how your “THOUGHTS” influence the Universe. There are two Universal Laws which work with your thought processes. You must know about them if want a rich and fulfilling life.

These laws have been in existence since the beginning of time. Everything written in the last 2000 years has never deviated from the fact the Universe has laws which never change —laws which we humans ignore or overlook because the laws are so simple.

One of the laws is: Abundance

Every tree, plant, flower and animal has enough reproductive capabilities in it to produce thousands of offspring. This includes humans! Yet, we never think about this law or ponder why it is in our existence. The only people who do are farmers and gardeners because —they see the magic of this law in their daily lives. No thought is required for this law to be in our reality~~ IT JUST IS ~~

Our only thought should be — to accept it as TRUTH!  Yet, few of us do because we are “told” or “believe” there is lack. And, this my friends is bull puckey!

Abundant Law & Thoughts . . . .

As far as science knows, humans are the only species inhabiting the earth which has dominion (can work for or against) this law of abundance. How? Our thought processes.

We can stop our species from procreating and destroy all of the others mentioned above from doing the same. Thank goodness it’s not in our self-interest to do so. Slowly, through the ages, we’ve learned all things are interconnected.

By knowing everything is interconnected now, our thoughts can finally accept this universal law or truth.

There is no lack of abundance on earth.

No matter what news reports or negative doom and gloom people predict, our world is doing just fine. We are no longer taking this planet for granted and are diligently working for the common good of all when it comes to our environment. Humans had their wake up call and the earth is reproducing what we’ve demolished. And, it will continue to do so. The Law of Abundance adapted to our stupidity but still provides for our well-being.

Just let one crack appear in cement, and a tree will grow. Or what about birds who now nest on window sills in New York City? This is the Universe adapting to our stupidity and continuing with its abundant ways.

 Another law we ignore: Attraction

 Right along with the Law of Abundance is the “Law of Attraction.” This law is a blast and you will think so too when you get the hang of how it works.

If you think about it, the Law of Attraction has been working in your life all the time but producing results you don’t like. Especially if you “think” your lifestyle sucks. Yes, you are responsible for where you’re at — not society, not them — whoever “them” is — but “YOU”.

Not exactly your fault though because you didn’t understand the reason why “The Law of Attraction” works is — “energy.”

The great thing about living in our “new” technological age is our ability to discern all things are energy now. This knowledge only used to be known by a “chosen few” two thousand years ago.

Because they knew, they could do “miracles” or, what the people thought were miracles.

By knowing everything (matter) is energy now, we can take this new found knowledge and apply it in our daily lives. There is nothing mystical or magical about this knowledge. It’s merely a scientific fact.

Some matter (furniture, cars, money, etc.) is denser in its vibration and because it is, seems solid. But once this denser material is seen using high powered microscopes, we discover the truth — it’s constantly in a state of flux (moving energy) and not solid at all.

That’s why it’s easy for humans at a higher vibration level (less dense)to call into our reality the matter (things) we need to survive.

We have the capacity to attract anything we **feel strongly about** into our lives. Some would call this “Mind Over Matter”

but it’s more than that — it’s:

Thoughts Over Matter!

Mind over matter is just positive thinking which works occasionally but not every time. Whereas thoughts over matter works all the time.

That’s why learning how to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN is so important.

Because once you learn to control your thoughts, you’ll have the life you want! This is fun and easy when you learn how your “Whole Brain” works.

The key to creating the life you want is training your thoughts to see only the good you want in your life.

You do this by “training your brain” to focus on “The Positive” and thereby being able to Eliminate All Negative Vibrations from your life.. You Are What You Think!