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Your Trading Coach

Your Trading Coach – About Horst:   I was first bitten by the trading bug in 2000. Unfortunately I went through the trading school of hard knocks for about 3 years, only to realize I didn’t have what it takes. I then set forth on a journey to educate myself from professionals. Three coaches later I am finally profitable. After my first 3 years of stumbling around without direction and hanging around trading forums chasing my tail, I enrolled in the 12 month Investools Trading Curriculum studying and trading options. Year 5-6, I mastered Elliott Wave and Gann Theory through eSignal educators, which still didn’t bring me to a consistent level of profitability. That brings us to the years 7-10 where I discovered E-Mini futures trading with Masters Palace/New Futures Trading.

Finally, from a true Master, I achieved consistent levels of success based on a solid foundation. I have aggressively built on that pivot point trading foundation and have created my own vision. Since then, I’ve decided to be a day trading coach and tutor students which in turn has helped me stay sharp and focused. My comfort level and comprehension of the markets movements has grown exponentially as a result. My pivot point trading has never been better, which in turn inspires me to continue teaching.

To my past as well as current students, I’d like to thank you all for blessing me with the opportunity to continually improve my own trading skills. By holding me accountable for explanations and specific details of my trades, you have forced me to organize and categorize my trading thoughts and strategies. With simple to follow patterns and sequences of events that I have outlined for purposes of my curriculum, I’ve been able to become even more comfortable in my own trading skin. Thank you for helping me grow as a trader also.

All in all, a wonderful fifteen year journey. Best wishes and thanks to all the friends and traveling companions I have met along the way.