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Day Trading Basics – Free Starter Videos

 A Walk Down Memory Lane

Day trading basics – Free Starter Videos | From my vantage point, Henry (Fernando) had a genius mind for trading. He was able to dissect the markets day trading basic movements and apply that data correlating the macdbb relationship to price and time.  Determining and pinpointing advanced notice of highly probable movements with extreme accuracy was his forte. That being said…we all had the misfortune of him not being able to express or relay that information in a “SIMPLE” easy to understand concise manner. The day trading basics made complete sense in his own mind, but he couldn’t understand why everyone else was having challenges. God forbid we asked a question to clarify a grey area in class. If we did, we most certainly would never ask again. So his ego preached to the congregation, and we listened, nodding our heads like we all understood. Every so often a “halleluiah, praise the lord” was heard off in the distance, and Henry would take a bow.

Henry and I spent many hours on skype going over charts and trades, analyzing various setups, nuances and theories. His observation / comparison / discovery abilities were uncanny. As a result he left us numerous free starter videos which I have now labeled ” Day Trading Basics “, a pivot point strategy. ” Day Trading Basics ” because I have since, used that foundation as a base to enhance my own vision. I took what he gave us, and dissected the whole kit and ka-boodle. I kept the higher probability day trading basics and setups, and eliminated the lesser. He put me on the right road so that I was able to find my own way. Did he teach me to trade? If he didn’t, he certainly influenced me in discovering the answers for myself through necessity. The catalyst was nestled in the historicals. They rendered the ability to process and perpetuate nuances from the conscious mind into the subconscious. Is it rocket science? No. Could I have found it without his map? No. Have I taken that day trading basics map and advanced to the next level? Absolutely!

Since Henry’s/Fernando’s demise, I have cultivated, enhanced and revised the original sets of redundant daytrading basics trading and setup guidelines into an easy to understand simplified road map to clear understanding. I am willing to share these exclusive nuances in my “One On One” tutoring.

BUT, for those of you that couldn’t finish his coaching and are stuck in the middle without any direction, I think Fernando owes everyone this much. Below are 30 plus, free videos that might help you to the next level of understanding using his day trading basics. They cover  the simplified introductory areas of comprehension and are great for getting familiar with pivot point trading before registering for my more advanced and specifically detailed one on one sessions.

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