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Joe L.



Joe L.  said…

“Horst has paved the way for me to bring my trading to an entirely different level. His willingness, knowledge and attitude is second to none! He is a gem and has a true passion for trading. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to bring their trading to a level never seen before. His training is worth every penny especially to those former NFT students who need a push to get going! Thank you Horst from the bottom of my heart you have changed my life and my way of thinking about the markets!”

Former NFT student –Joe L. (November 2011 session graduate)

Joe L.New York, USAFormer NFT student -- (November 2011 Session Graduate)
Ryeman S.

Ryeman S..  said…

I’ve just completed my tutoring sessions with the Wizard, Horst. I don’t quite have the words to express my feelings of gratitude about the positive difference that he has helped achieve in my trading. I am so fortunate to have been a long time follower of his and then to get the exceptional one-on-one time with him for an extended period. This is very special training – special because it’s technically concise, all-encompassing, and simple. Yes, it is simple. As Horst says, he is no rocket scientist, but he definitely can trade fearlessly and quite profitably. And he can show you how to do it too. Once the fear factor is conquered, use of our technical tools and strategies will allow you to trade in any type of market. This is something that cannot be said of other methods. Thank you, thank you, thank you Horst for giving me this solid foundation that will last for the rest of my trading life.

Ryeman S.California, USAFormer NFT student -- (August 2011 Session Graduate)
Jay M.

Jay M.  said…

In trading, my philosophy is that it’s best to be a realist, to place substance over hype and performance over personality. When I started training with Horst, I already had 9 months experience with the tools that he uses and 5 years of general trading experience, which as we all know isn’t always good experience. In watching Horst’s videos I could sense a similarity to his trades, but I couldn’t reverse engineer exactly what he was doing. Several months ago I fantasized about being able to sit down with him and pick his brain. When I actually got the opportunity, I seized it. This was the best investment I’ve ever made.

Horst has milked down a simplified subset of guidelines from the hodgepodge of information I was previously working from. This has allowed me to accelerate my learning significantly. I’m consistently profitable, and my consistency itself is improving. Now, thanks to Horst, I have the ability to continue to improve, using the Market itself as my Head Coach. Horst was a humble tour guide, willing to show me the light.

I consider myself one of a handful of people lucky enough to work one-on-one with the best of best traders in the world. No one can catch turning points more precisely and consistently than us. To describe my general feeling of success as euphoric is an understatement. The past is gone and a new horizon lies ahead. Thank you Horst, you made a difference in my life!

Jay M.South Carolina, USAFormer NFT student -- (August 2011 Session Graduate)
Ben B.

Ben B.  said…

First I’d like to say a huge thankyou to horst for taking the time to teach me where i was going wrong.
His lessons have provided me with the invaluable knowledge of how to become consistantly profitable in the futures market. Since i have finished the course with horst i have been consitant for over a month and will begin trading real money soon.I have the confidence now to know exactly what i’m doing and how to correct my mistakes and recognize what i am doing wrong. I’m now fully prepared to become a full time trader its only a matter of time now
thank you horst for all of your help.
believe me the tutoring with horst was the best thing i could have possibly done for my trading
thanks again

Ben B.Adelaide, AustraliaFormer NFT student --(November 2011 Session Graduate)
Pravin M.

Pravin M.  said…

I would to thank Horst for what he has done for me in my futures trading career. I am a former NFTI student . What Horst taught me in the last 2 months has brought my trading skill to the next level. I would highly recommend Horst’s training if you want to become a full time futures trader. He has simplified the NFT structure so it is very easy to understand and follow. If anyone has any question please feel free to contact me by getting the email address from Horst. Once again THANK YOU HORST, you have put me on the right path to success.

Pravin M.Georgia, USAFormer NFT student -- (November 2011 Session Graduate)
Ted L.

Ted L.  said…

Horst is an “Amazing” coach. His tutoring has given me the tools, knowledge, understanding and confidence to take winning trades. Horst has a process that is very simple & no nonsense. I am a former NFT student and was in desperate need of additional help. Horst was the answer! I would highly recommend Horst to anybody interested in trading….former NFT student or not.

Thanks so much Horst!

Ted L.Washington, USA Former NFT student -- (January 2012 Session Graduate)
Rahul K.

Rahul K.  said…

hello everyone i have just started learning the art of trading from one the best tutors around HORST e WIZARD and the name has been justified he is real gem wizard who can turn ones trading around he has been really generous methodical rational in the coaching he listens to ones ideas and respects them and open to them .I JUST LOVE HIM FOR BEING SUCH GREAT FRIEND AND COACH . I RESPECT HIM FROM DEEP INSIDE AND BOW TO HIM .NO WORDS CAN MATCH THE RESPECT AND LOVE FOR HIM .THANKU LUV U KINDLY REMEMBER ME

Rahul K.Delhi, IndiaFormer NFT student -- (November 2011 Session Graduate)
Milan S.

Milan S.  said…

I took the tutoring sessions with Horst last year (September – October). I was trading futures before his coaching, based on my knowledge of basic technical analysis. I had a tough time trading futures; although I was doing good on stocks and options. I wanted to do futures because of leverage and freedom it provides as oppose to other financial instruments.

Taking the course with Horst was the best thing I did to make my future trading possible. The one-on-one coaching sessions helped me see the entire different picture of future market that I had been missing all the time. He was very patient while working with me. He would point out all the bad habits I had that were forbidding me from being a good trader. Also, even after the end of the course, Horst is there to answer any of my questions.

After the completion of the course, I traded on SIM accounts until the end of last year to get myself prepared. Finally, starting this year I started trading on my real account. I have been positive for most of the time. I have been getting into the groove and making money consistently for weeks now.

There is no words to express my thankfulness to Mr. Horst. You have been a great mentor for my success.

Milan S.New York, USAAugust 2011 Session Graduate
Brian L.

Brian L.  said…

As a rookie trader, never looking at the market, futures or charts a newbie….I am so fortunate too find Horst, Horst has developed a curriculum with guidelines that are precise, understandable and if followed will allow each entry made to be the most probable and profitable trade of each pivot or trend…no matter the conditions of the movement there are guidelines that allow an interpretation and probability of the entry and target…
Horst is a MASTER and yet modest, willing and open too share his secrets that are learned only by years of experience and historical study. If you desire to do business with the market Horst is the coach that has the tools, knowledge and patience needed to teach anyone to be profitable beyond their dreams.
I am currently trading every day and thank Horst each day for his time, efforts and guidance.


Brian L.Washington, USAJanuary 2012 Session Graduate
Ben R.

Ben R.  said…

For all of those that are considering taking Horst’s tutoring sessions, let me share with you my experience. I had only been in the realm of trading for about six months until, during my earnest research to find a proficient system, I stumbled upon Horst’s videos on youtube. Through all my research, I have never seen someone post their live trades (good and bad), every single day they were trading with a LIVE CASH ACCOUNT (if you don’t believe me try to find it yourself). This got me intrigued to learn more about the system, who developed it, and how someone can CONSISTENTLY pull points out of the market on a daily basis (we all know that CONSISTENCY is the key). I finally became convinced that this method actually can work and began seeing other students on youtube being successful.
I signed up for the class last November and have not been disappointed one bit. Horst has been very professional throughout the whole experience. Prompt to our meetings, provided all materials he said he would, true to his word in every way. Most importantly, Horst is a fantastic teacher and he meets you where you are at with trading (even if you are fairly new to the field, as I was). He is very patient and provides all the necessary tools you need to succeed. It’s only a matter of the student being OPEN to learning and being diligent with practice (filling out the DATA LOG especially).
Horst has also become a good friend to me, and to all his students. He will not leave you hanging to dry when you finish the course. He actively stays connected and truly wants to see you succeed. He is a very genuine person.
To sum it up this is real. I am a living example of how this method does work for those willing and OPEN to learning. My trading grown exponentially with Horst’s tutoring and am currently consistent with my trading. I will be funding my live cash account in the near future and am excited to continue to grow in this dynamic field. Thank you Horst.

Ben R.California, USANovember 2011 Session Graduate
Shalini P.

Shalini P.  said…

First off, thank you Horst for dedicating so much time and energy towards helping me to expand my trading knowledge and for teaching me the rules of successful trading. You have such a wonderful and inspiring way of teaching trading techniques while remaining patient and encouraging at all times. I was basically a “newbie” in trading when I first began my trading lessons, and having completed two training rotations from December to May, I have gained confidence to proceed with my daily trades while applying the techniques of successful trading. You have helped me to identify common mistakes that can be made when conducting trades and understanding what approaches I can take to avoid experiencing losses.

I would very highly recommend this training to anyone seriously interested and particularly to those who are new in this field with a strong passion and dedication towards learning.

Thank You Horst being my mentor and leading me on this path towards a successful future in trading!

– Shalini

Shalini P.Brampton, CanadaFormer NFT student -- (April 2012 Session Graduate)
Peter Dougherty

Peter Dougherty  said…

I’ve completed my training sessions with Horst and I have to gracefully thank him for his devotion and dedication to my education success.

For any of you skeptics out there take it from me this is the real deal. At first, I was a little skeptical about paying the tuition cost like most people, but I watched Horst’s trading style on Youtube and I really liked his style of trading. If you actually analyze his method of trading for a period of time you will see that this style is very simple but straightforward.

The simple method of trading is knowing where to get in and where to get out. This is all taught to you during your learning process. Most people don’t know where to buy and where to sell. They are mesmerized by candlesticks turning from green to red. Horst lays all this out without having to deal with any candlesticks turning color.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trading for 10 years or you’ve never ever seen a trading chart in your life. Horst is patient with everyone and he will show you how the market moves no matter how long it takes.

As a graduate of his training course, I can now take the tools that I’ve learned and apply them to any instrument, any time frame in the financial arena and make money.

How much is an education worth to you? Well the way I looked at it was that I spent over $100k on an Engineering degree that took me over 5 years to complete. The cost of tuition on learning how to trade and make money is in my opinion worth every penny. This type of education and knowledge that I’ve learned through Horst’s Trading course will follow me the rest of my life. No one can take this knowledge away from you, and the trading world will always be there for you to trade 24 hours a day.

Once again, thank you Horst from the bottom of my heart for dedicating your time and energy to teaching me everything you know about trading and being consistently profitable. I will now go out and use the methods that you’ve taught me.

Peter Dougherty

Peter DoughertyNorth Carolina, USAFebruary 2012 Session Graduate
Kevin B.

Kevin B.  said…

A month and a half has now passed since finishing my training sessions with Horst and I thought it was time to give an update on my live cash trading and also to share some feedback about my experience.

I am happy to say that so far I have only had a handful of small red days. I feel I am progressing every day and as Horst would say, ‘seeing the pictures’ more clearly each and every day. It’s a slow and steady progression but one that is necessary in this business.

My situation may have been different than most of the other students in that I have a trading background dating back 12 years. I started with equities, moved onto options, dabbled with currencies, and finally landed with the eminis. Over my trading career I have read more books, subscribed to more services, and sought the advice of more so-called ‘professionals’ than I care to admit. The benefit to this is that I learned a lot about everything. The drawback to this is that I learned a lot about everything. I was a prime example of ‘information overload’. Paying attention to too many indicators and thinking about too many strategies made trading more confusing and difficult than it needed to be. Trading is definitely not about how much you know but whether you know the right stuff.

I had wasted a lot of money on services from people who couldn’t trade half as well as I could. I got sucked in by their fancy sites, smooth talk, and marketing schemes. I had actually come to the point where I decided, never again will I spend my hard earned money on some trading gimmick. But, then I stumbled on Horst’s trading videos on YouTube. Needless to say, I was very skeptical at first.

The difference with Horst was that he wasn’t some fancy smooth talker with some marketing scheme who needed your money to make a living. Who was this guy who simply recorded his cash account trading in real time and then posted the videos online for everyone to share? I had never seen anyone do this before and probably for two obvious reasons:
1)nobody has the balls to do so and
2)nobody wants the world to see how bad of a trader they are.
The fact that Horst could make money (good money) each and every day and record himself live at the same time as proof of his trading had me very interested. It was clear he could make a very good living all from his own trading and didn’t need the money from the tutoring classes. The fact that Horst wants to take the time to mentor other traders to become a good trader shows the kind of character and the kind of person he is. I’m not ashamed to admit Horst is a better man than I. If I was trading at his level and making a very good living from my trading, I don’t think I would take the time to do the same thing. Horst is paying it forward and I thank him very much for that.

As has been mentioned in other feedback posts, it doesn’t matter what level a trader you are at. You can be a newbie or an experienced trader. Horst will work with anyone to teach them the key material that matters and work with them to become a better trader. I looked forward to all my sessions. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or was I afraid to ask a question. In finishing your sessions, it is made clear that you are not left alone to tackle the market. You are definitely prepared and able to do so but Horst is there anytime you need him for his input.

I had an awesome time working with Horst and even miss our sessions. There was always something extremely valuable that I could take out of each and every session. Much like Horst was proud and glad to have had a mentor when he needed one, I am proud and glad to have found Horst as my mentor when I needed him.

I can say that I am grateful to have stumbled across those videos on YouTube as it probably saved my trading career. I look forward to staying in touch with Horst over the years to come and if I’m every in your neighborhood, I will be looking you up. How about dinner and drinks, but you pay!!

Kevin B
May 2012  Session Graduate

Kevin B.Alberta, CanadaJanuary 2012 Session Graduate
Jake A.

Jake A.  said…

I would just like to echo the sentiments and accolades that my fellow students have posted before me. I truly enjoyed my time with Horst. What I liked best about this mentoring program was that Horst held me accountable for the trades I took. It made me focus more on what I was doing, and helped me tremendously with my trading vision. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to end their trading frustrations, and become profitable. Thanks so much Horst!

Jake (June 2012 grad)

Jake A.Utah, USAFebruary 2012 Session Graduate
Ian T

Ian T.  said…

I knew absolutely nothing about trading until August 2011 when a friend told me about his new venture. I began my internet research and found Horst on Youtube. I watched ALL of his videos from 2010 and was amazed at how he was consistently making profits from an apparently simple system. So when I had an opportunity to sign up for the tutoring sessions I made sure I didn’t miss the chance.

What I enjoyed about the class was there was no long drawn out hypothetical theory just purely technical chart analysis based upon in depth historical data.

The spreadsheet provided was excellent as it showed how simple or complex the system can be applied. I choose to keep it as simple as possible being a beginner, however it was all covered thoroughly and multiple examples shown.

Apart from the sessions what I still find helpful to my development as a trader are both access to the student videos and Horst daily videos of his live trades.

Due to work i’ve been using market replay for the last two months and I have been green for 16 consecutive days and have only had a few red days. I’ve also been able to turn potential red days green which mentally was very challenging.

When I first met Horst I told him my goal was to trade for a living after maybe 1 year and I still have my eyes set on April 2013. Horst, hopefully you are still posting videos and you can have a laugh as I go short while you go long and we still make a profit.

It has been a great learning experience for me and Horst you are doing a great job and you are a true inspiration to me. Take care and again thanks for everything.

Best Wishes.


Ian TBahamasFebruary 2012 Session Graduate
Jeenay K.

Jeenay K.  said…

first i am sorry for such a late comment .. it should have been way back its just i was lost for words .. and i still haven’t found them .. so simply put thank you for everything .. from bottom of my heart .. thanks for designing me the way you did .. thanks for teaching me your methods and being patient with my mistakes. You truly are pure genius .. i adored you for 2 years from sidelines .. but truth is when i came to know you learn from you .. understand what you are thinking .. i was way off .. you are a true legend .. Thanks again i just can’t say that enough .. Will always be in your debt. – Jeenay

Jeenay K.Mumbai, IndiaMay 2012 Session Graduate
Michael Hershey

Michael Hershey  said…

I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t been said already; but I’ll give it a shot!

I have been studying, or attempting to study the art/business of trading for a couple of years now. Through chat rooms and “mentors” and software and systems, I have never encountered anyone with the depth of understanding of the markets, coupled with the ability and willingness to impart that knowledge to the rest of us.

With no exaggeration, Horst is the most brilliant and thorough educator I have ever worked with.

He teaches you how to read the markets and see them as he sees them. The only instance I had to disagree with him was when he said this strategy was easy because he isn’t that smart. Granted the system is easy once it is explained but Horst is obviously brilliant in his understanding of it and his capacity to make you understand it.

The tuition money is of absolutely no consequence after the education, insight and sense of self reliance Horst gave to me. I only wish there was some way other than a few words that I could express my most sincere, heartfelt gratitude to a man who quite literally changed the course of my financial destiny.

For all you’ve done for me, thank you Horst!

-Mike H., Las Vegas, NV

Michael HersheyNevada, USANovember 2012 Session Graduate
Randal C.

Randal C.  said…

I have had the priceless opportunity to study with Horst over the last 15 months. I enrolled in his full 3 month tutoring program in early 2012, and then just completed a 1 month tune-up update in early 2013. I intend to enroll in tune-ups every 4-6 months as I move forward.

Horst is a very rare gem, indeed. Nowhere will you find a more accomplished Master of eMini daytrading than Horst. His knowledge base, clairvoyant vision and skill crafted over his decade of experience is unparalleled in anything that I have ever seen.

He is very patient, kind, full of humor and willing to go over and over the complexities of developing the skill of trading futures contracts. The toolbox of methods that he has assimilated from his teachers, coaches and his own inspiration is beyond outstanding.

Horst has guided my own growth though many layers of mentalism, including fear, impatience, emotions, building confidence, etc. He has shaped my understanding of the multiple influences that converge to create a high percentage trade, until I can now say that I am consistently profitable.

Don’t hesitate to study with Horst if at all possible. You won’t regret it.

Randal C.California, USAJanuary 2012 Session Graduate
Ron M

Ron M.  said…

Where do I start? Horst…is a very genuine, humble and down to earth stand up man who is dedicated to the success of his students and helping other traders who truly want to become successful consistent traders. There are no words to express my gratitude and how I know what Horst has taught me will change mine and my family’s life for years and hopefully generations to come.

Ron MCalifornia, USANovember 2012 Session Graduate
John Wyatt

John Wyatt  said…

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I’ve been trading for about a year now and with Horst’s help, I take trades without fear. Horst has given me insight into the markets that allows me to make money consistently every trading day. I really didn’t think this was possible. I’ve managed to make back the tuition I paid for his course with 2 weeks left before graduation!
Horst, thank you! The knowledge you’ve provided is going to be a life changer for me. Luv ya Man! I’ll stay in touch!

John WyattTexasJanuary 2013 Session Graduate
Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards  said…

Hi Horst, this may seem premature, but I have more clarity after 3 weeks with you than I have attained over the last 12 years, including wasting tens of thousands of dollars on the BS gurus who only show their winners and bluff through their “gifts”. I don’t know who or what called you to share your deep understanding of the markets, but I thank God everyday that you are willing to invest your time in my future and the future of my children and grandchildren!

Jim EdwardsTennessee, USAMay 2013 Session Graduate
André Santos

André Santos  said…

Thank you for taking your time to help other traders, Horst!
You are an excellent teacher, I love how you come up with funny analogy’s to help understand the class, always making me laugh!
I still can’t believe that I can actually look at the market and understand it! It’s an amazing experience, and all thanks to you!
You will always live in my mind and my heart! I love you man!


André SantosPortugalNovember 2012 Session Graduate
Bir B.

Bir B.  said…

It has been three months since I graduated. Every single month, right from the very first month I started learning from Horst, I have improved as a trader. From the darkness of confusion to the brightness of clarity, from nervousness to calmness, from randomness to set ups and most importantly from red to green. I have been trading for a few years but it was never as enjoyable as it is now. I never thought it would be possible to make money consistently every day in the market. This has all been possible because of Horst.

To anyone who is in the journey to become a successful trader, Horst is the real maestro. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, if you are a newbee or an experienced trader finding it hard to make money consistently, learning from Horst can open up the path to prosperity for you. You will understand how the market moves and how you can position yourself to take advantage of a move. Horst is extremely patient and genuinely interested in making you a better trader from every aspect – technical or psychological.

Horst – There are no words to express my gratitude. You have given me the skills to attain financial freedom. I miss our sessions, I miss our conversations, I miss listening to your advise, I miss you. You are an incredibly giving person who has had such a positive impact on my life. I will always and always be grateful to you. Thank you !!!

– Bir

Bir B.Pennsylvania, USANovember 2012 Session Graduate
Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards  said…

Read this before you pay for training!

If you are closed-minded, can’t let go of your “valuable experience”, will not totally submit yourself to learning the right way to trade, then you will be wasting your money on any training.

However, if you want to change your life, sit at the feet of a true trading Master and be consistently profitable the rest of your life, then Horst is the best investment you can make.

Think about this: whatever is holding you back from getting involved with Horst is probably the same thinking that is keeping you from making money in the market.

I have been an entrepreneur for 40 years, made millions with the 22 companies I founded yet really sucked as a trader. Having time and money are not the only ingredients you need to be successful. Not having a boss all my life was a good thing, yet I found it difficult at first to slay my ego and open my mind and heart to Horst’s ways. But his patience and caring won me over. You NEED to know what Horst will generously and patiently teach you. I traded the wrong market for over ten years. My first class with Horst made a huge difference and that was only the beginning.

He is the real deal, when I first saw his videos I thought “No Way!” can anyone do this. I was dead wrong. And, unlike all the snake oil salesmen hustling their holy grails, Horst dedicates his TIME to each student. I I spent untold thousands on other “experts” and lost money on every one. I thank God every day for Horst and the changes he’s made, and continues to make, in my life.

I always thought of my time and money losses as tuition, like going to med school, before I would make money trading. However, I never made money! Until I met Horst. The money you pay Horst is so insignificant compared to what you will earn once you graduate. Where else can you invest so little for a lifetime of financial security. I am teaching my children what I have learned so they will have an abundant life. It’s the best inheritance I can give them!

Thank you Horst! You are in the top ten of people who have made huge difference in my life and I am so happy to know you!

Jim EdwardsTennessee, USAMay 2913 Session Graduate
Máté V.

Máté V.  said…

Here is my story. I’ve been started to thinking about trading less than 1 year ago around xmas time at 2012. I have realized I have excess income, and I dont want to give it to people, and dont understand that, how do they making more. So I’ve been decieded to do my learnings about the stock/forex/future market, and challange myself to be a better moneytaker than the official services.
Anyhow, I don’t want the my story too long, I’ve tried expert advisors, online and offline courses, trainings, technical indicators, better indicators, webinars etc… I’ve burn down some of my smaller accounts, and I made some profits as well.
I’ve started to giving up the things, when I saw a CL trade from Horst in youtube. I dont know how did I find it, but all the commentars, and the way, and the indicator set was so awsome, so I’ve started to checking his videos. First I was very pissed off. I was known that I want to learn from this guy, but he is making a lots of money, so I was pretty sure about that, he is not going teach anyone.
I was so wrong forcuneatly:). I realized he is doing 1on1 tutoring sessions, which was so unique on this business so I was known I will take his class. I’ve convinced my wife, as my last chance to learn trading somehow, I will take his class, than I was in. It was one of the best decision of my life – financially it was the best:).

But. And here is the big BUT. What you can expect from Horst. Please take it as my view of his tutoring session:). Imagine this. You would like to be a racing driver champion, to make money, and happily live your life. First you have to love racing. Really, if you are not loving it, than it is not going to work for you. Anyhow, Horst is going give you a track. He is going to say, if you learn this track, than you are going to win almost every day. Of course later on you can go other tracks, but this is an easy one, so start with this. Than he is going to give you a racing car. Hey man. Use this car, it is pretty fast, and optimalized to this track, and I am also driving it, so we can move forward. (So you will trade TF, and you will recieve Horst indicator set to trade…)
What next? – you asking. Next buddy, you have to drive. When you are driving, check this and this thing first, and dont bother anything else. Oke Horst but why should i check the trees – you asking. Dont bother with it buddy, just check them, and write it down where you are have seen them.
And you have to do it. You have to do and pratice, and analyise, and get more and more experience around you car/track and analyse a lots of situation to move forward with Horst. Horst is never going to give you the solution, you have to realize it. You have to proove it your self first to make you believe it.
If you dont love racing cars, if you are not putting the effort to learn and learn and learn, than Horst is not able to teach you, but if you are doing it, it will be a lots of fun like, Ah, I am counting the leafs on the tree, and when it is 11 than I take the turn. I dont know why it is working, but I know that it is working with higher probability. Wow, this is awsome, please Horst teach me more, show me more…

So, getting back to my point, learning from Horst is a wondurfull experience, but YOU have to learn, not only listen!
All the best guys! Thank you Horst!

Máté V.HungaryMay 2013 Session Graduate
Nathan C.

Nathan C.  said…

Let me reassure anyone wondering ,”yes”, Horst is the real deal. I feel extremely fortunate that I found him — and extremely grateful he is teaching. Needless to say, Horst has undoubtedly changed the future course (and quality) of my life in unfathomable ways, not to mention all the ripple effects of those lives I am blessed to come in contact with — since I will have more time and energy to be a more balanced and healthy me.

Horst has taken me from “complete newb” to being able to explain pretty much all the movements on the TF. And by “complete newb” I mean I knew NOTHING when I started.

Although I need a bit more practice before going live, it’s clear to me as every day passes that it’s just a matter of time before I’m more consistently profitable. And I feel that moment getting closer; perhaps not too far around the corner.

My advice and input to others is: Don’t be in a rush to complete the course, and don’t focus too much on results once you start practice trading. The idea is to LEARN, not finish — results will come after learning. Also, forget about the idea of trying to teach yourself. In my opinion, the amount Horst charges for one-on-one tutoring is a PITTANCE compared to the time and money you will surely lose trying to figure this out yourself — if that’s even possible (I doubt it).

In a nutshell, this is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive one-on-one tutoring with a true master in this field.

I feel like I’ve been given a huge gift and it hasn’t gone unnoticed nor unappreciated.

Thanks for everything Horst. See you for some CL and GC later!

= )

-Nathan C

Nathan C.Oregon, USAMay 2013 Session Graduate
Jorge Gómez

Jorge Gómez  said…

For all of you guys who have been lucky enough to reach by anyway this Horst´s site, I really recommend you taking the one on one tutoring sessions with a real trading master. Horst has designed a very powerful, simple and well-structured trading method. He has defined very simple but powerful rules to know when the market is trending and when it is pivoting. Any trader knows the market moves in those two ways either trending or pivoting, but it is not that easy to know when the market is moving in one of those two forms. Well, Horst has figured out how to know that and also what strategy to use. To all former NFT students, the macd-bb method may work when the market is pivoting, but it can be very dangerous when the market is trending. Well, Horst throughout all the historical, the discipline and the passion he has for this business was able to go much more beyond the NFT teachings and he developed a very good and well tested method to do business with the markets specially the TF.

The same strategies cannot be applied when the market is trending or when it is pivoting. That might sound logical, but many new traders make the mistake of applying the same strategies for those different behaviors of the markets. As I said, Horst has developed well tested strategies that work very well. Some of them are for pivoting markets and some others for trading markets, but you also know without doubt when to apply each one of them. Now I have a full method I can trust on and every day that passes by, I trust more in the method, because Horst also figured out a way on how to convince your mind and your subconscious mind, through a powerful homework that this method works. I want to thank God and Horst for all the teachings I have received and I am very confident I am able to apply them correctly, consistently and profitably for the good of my family, my neighbor and my own.


Jorge GómezMexicoFormer NFT student -- (August 2013 Session Graduate)
Jeff B.
Jeff B.  said…

I have attempted trading for almost 12 years, which I am kind of embarrassed to admit! In all those years I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on books, videos, webinars, long distance seminars, trading rooms, etc. You name it and I spent money on it! I have Never had any real success with trading, I have had a few periods where I would make some good money but I would Always give it back, plus some! Somehow I came across Horst’s website and I started watching his videos. I could not believe what I was seeing! Here is this guy making gobs of money every day in the market, most of the time in under an hour and he is making it look So easy! I also was Amazed at how calm, and confidently he traded, like he knew before hand exactly what the market was going to do! I was amazed.
I was about ready to give up on trading until I found Horst. Like I already stated, I had spent thousands over the years and lost much more then that trying to figure out this business, so I was reluctant to invest any more money into trading! But after speaking with my wife I, We, decided to go for it. I am So Extremely Thankful that I took Horst’s one on one class! He totally opened up my eyes to how trading Should and Could be. Horst is a true Master Trader and in my opinion I think he is probably one of the best traders around! I am so Grateful that I stumbled upon his website and decided to take his class, it has totally changed the way I look at the market now! I can now realize my passion of being a consistently profitable futures trader!

Jeff B.Utah, USAMay 2013 Session Graduate
Ros V.

Ros V.  said…

After admiring Horst from the sidelines for the last 2 years, I was finally able to sign-up for his tutoring. I wish that I could have joined sooner. Due to recent favorable circumstances I was finally able to join. I agree with previous students’ comments that Horst has simplified the NFT method. Not only has Horst simplified the method, but he has refined and expanded it. This is the 10th year of my trading journey and can now focus on trading instead of searching for another system. Thank you Horst for your contribution to my trading career.


Ros V.Texas, USAFormer NFT student -- (August 2013 Session Graduate)
Jeff N

Jeff N. said…

Happy New Year to All………………..
I say this because I can only remember just a couple times when the future looked so bright and refreshing. I had just completed the Oct-13 session with Horst. For the first time I can now truly say with a High level of confidence, “I’ve never been so well prepared”. I never know how well a trader could have all their bases covered.
What seemed to be so elusive, indefinable and intangible all came together for me here.
Now I know what you’re thinking, Jeff what about that nasty “S” word…. Sub-ject-ivity. Well after a month or two, i felt very comfortable with what was required, it’s not really a issue trading this way.
To the future student, after Host, what helped me the most was the homework, get on it and and work it well.
So now for my happy conclusion to all…I can’t thank Horst enough. He’s definitely shown and gave me the tools towards being a real trader. I can realistically start realizing my Biggest Dream of becoming a Successful Trader. ~ Jeffn

Jeff NColorado USAAugust 2013 Session Graduate
Scott S

Scott S. said…

If you are thinking about signing up for the tutoring sessions, DO IT !!! After struggling with my trading for years and following Horst through his videos, I finally decided to enroll in the tutoring sessions. All I can say is that I wished I would have done it sooner! Horst is an excellent instructor that offers an easy, repeatable system backed up with empirical data. Not some after the fact you should have done this or that like some coaches out there.
Since taking the classes my consistency is where I would hoped it would be and I now have all I need to be a successful trader. Thank you Horst !!!


Scott SVirginia USAFormer NFT student -- (August 2014 Session Graduate)
Jay S

Jay S said…

Thank you Horst for not just being a fabulous instructor but allowing me to share your insights and techniques. The most inspiring part of the course is that everything I learned in the eminitutor sessions I was able to prove to myself with the homeworkafter each lesson. With that confidence I am ready to tackle the market and I thank you Horst for giving me this opportunity to a new career of trading. For decades I’ve traded the markets and struggled. It is first now I realize all those bad habits my subconscious mind was fueling.

Anyone who is even considering trading I urge you to take this course over any others

Jay S New York graduate November 2014

November 5, 2014 at 4:23 PM

Jay SNew York USANovember 2014 Session Graduate
Jeff N

Happy New Year.

Well it been just a year since I completed my training. can say I’m doing well. Started my live money account mid Nov. I’ve been holding my own and look forward to the coming year. I still got a little personal work to do but I’m confident I’ll be on top of my game very soon. Thanks again Horst


Jeff NColorado USAAugust 2013 Session Graduate
Albu Bucur

I saw first chart two years ago, and after few books studied and some courses in wich I learn theory, I made my first demo account. I gain little and lose much, because I did not have a clear strategy.

Among my search I saw on youtube Horst trades. Things seemed so simple when I watched. After a few months I decided to make the cours.

I consider that value of the cours is infinitely greater than than his price. If traders who sit and wonder if it’s worth doing this course would know its value, I think Horst would not have empty slots few years.
A very well organized course that focuses on practice. Basically in this course Horst revealed to me his trading secrets. As he said it is not rocket science , only requires discipline.

After three months of completing the course, I trade on a live account and the results are promising. I am very proud of myself that I had the wisdom to invest in my education and I followed this course.
Thank you Horst, without your help, the result would certainly have been different.

Albu Bucur RomaniaFebruary 2015 Session Graduate
Dave Ricker

I started trading about 4 years ago and was really struggling…to the point of almost giving up on my dream to be a trader. Then I found Horst.

It’s hard to fully describe what this experience has meant to me. His training provides a real edge in the markets. The technical information alone is worth many, many times the cost of the course. But no price can be put on the confidence gained from the training. Understanding the emotional aspect of trading has been imperative for me and Horst has shared many valuable, practical insights. He is proficient in his trading and proficient in his ability to mentor and teach. Horst has gone the extra mile to help this trader develop and I sincerely appreciate it. He genuinely cares about how people are progressing.

If you are serious about becoming a trader, I strongly encourage you to take his course. I am very grateful for all the help that Horst has provided.

Now, I love to trade!


Dave RickerGeorgia, USAFebruary 2015 Session Graduate
Anita J

Move over everyone for the Uber Master Trader, what else can I say Horst. I joined the NFT group 5 years ago and at that time had never seen a chart before. I soon fell in love with trading. I was very up and down in my trading, took lots of breaks and then tried again to no avail. I often thought I would never get successful.

After 2 years of struggling, trying to master the trading, watching Horsts videos and trading, I was finally able to sign up for his course in February this year. I wish I could have done it a lot sooner. If you really want to learn to trade then Horst is your best teacher. You have to be open to learn, leave your old baggage behind, follow his program and do your homework. It really works. This is the best investment you can make in your life as a trader.

If you are skeptical or a nay sayer about this method of trading then the loss is yours.

Thank you Horst for your patience and flexibility with me. You have gotten me to the next level. You really care about your student’s progress after the course is over and your feedback is invaluable. I look forward to many more years of successful trading.


Anita JCanadaFebruary 2015 Session Graduate
Greg Dorholt

When I first came across Horst and Emini Tutor I doubted it was real. The more I watched the more I was impressed. I had dabbled in trading for many years but never really knew what I was doing. Once I started with Horst his experience and ability to explain his methods really opened my eyes. I can tell you he is the real deal.

His teaching has actually provided me with the proven data and background to know what I am doing and my trading shows it. I have always dreamed of trading for a living and with what Horst has taught me I actually know I can do it. If you want to get better at trading take the class and do the homework. Its like getting decades of experience in just months.

Thank you Horst!


Greg DorholtOklahoma, USAAugust 2015 session graduate
Rakesh A
After walking through the gallows of trading world, getting ripped off in buying several trading systems, trading rooms, indicators and broken account, I come to the abode of Horst to rescue. It’s like fresh breath of air in stinking world of trading. I tell you, there is no mercy in this game. Horst is a Master trader; he teaches you how to hit bull’s eye with perfect practice. He leaves no stones behind to teach you absolute perfect way to trade supported by statistical facts and back testing. His ultra-sophisticated pivot trading system is like none other, very powerful, yet simple to grasp at the courtesy of Horst. I will be always forever thankful to Horst. – Rakesh
Rakesh AOregon USAMay 2016 session graduate

Anonymous hariomshivam said…


January 23, 2018 at 2:46 PM


Rahul KaporIndiaGraduate March 2012
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