Waiting Patiently For The Perfect Entry Opportunity | Sept. 10, 2015

http://eminitutor.com/ Waiting Patiently For The Perfect Entry Opportunity | Sept. 10, 2015. Learn Professional Day Trading entries and exits to gain consistency. Futures Strategies and Setups using EMini Tutor’s “One On One” Approach – Once you understand and regulate your emotions, only then can you champion the trading mind by re-channeling the emotional levels of participation. What if you made a video of yourself while trading, would you be able to spot the change in your physical behavior as the emotions scale up? It’s imperative to notice the transition from normal calm to increased anxiety escalating into warp drive. If you suspect emotional hijacking, make a point of making this clear to yourself. You might feel emotions escalating; it would be interesting to see what your body language actually looks like during this transition period. Do you start out looking and feeling confident, and then deteriorate? Even if you don’t make a video of yourself, at least make a mental note of what’s happening. What’s your body language communicating to you, confidence, fear, or cocky overconfidence?

Personally speaking, when I trade now, I am totally aware of my body language. I find myself most comfortable and relaxed sitting in my chair feet up on my desk (L-shaped). My left hand is behind my head, right hand alternating between my mug of tea/coffee and my mouse on my desk. Almost all my trades are taken with this relaxed posture and body language. It just feels right. When my feet touch the ground and I sit up (if I’m in a trade), I know instantly, like sirens going off, that the enemy might be approaching and it might be time to circle the wagons and regroup. Forewarned, is forearmed. Those who know that something is coming are better prepared to face it than those who do not know. Next I take readings and monitor my emotional levels on a progressive scale.

A great video on the meaning of Body Language can be seen below. What does yours say about you? I was pleasantly surprised to learn what my most comfortable position while trading really meant in body language.